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  • The Queensland Government has proposed a bill that will make amendments to the Youth Justice Act and lead to more kids in prisons and only entrench reoffending
  • Statistics from the ABS show that youth crime in Queensland has decreased and is at its lowest rate since records began. The Government and Opposition are peddling fear and a disproportionate reaction to recent events
  • No-one wants youth crime, but the solution isn’t locking up kids with complex needs and leaving them stuck in the quicksand of the justice system. The solution is well-resourced, Indigenous-led diversion and prevention programs that address the root causes of crime
  • This Bill creates a presumption against bail, which means kids will not be able to participate in the diversion and prevention programs that are proved to have a positive impact on their lives, and work to address the underlying causes of crime, as well as reducing recidivism
  • These amendments will make it almost impossible for these kids to rehabilitate and redirect themselves. We know that Annastacia Palaszczuk and the Government have committed to these programs and funded them in the past, so we are calling on the Government to recommit to these programs and focus on helping these kids by giving them the support they need

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