Compose your letter to Karen Andrews, which we will print and hand deliver with only your first name attached. 

Here are some key messages to include: 

  • The plight of the refugees is an issue of grave concern to many voters across the country. 

  • There is a high human, financial and moral cost of the Government’s offshore detention policy. It has led to several unavoidable deaths and caused untold physical and psychological damage to the world’s most vulnerable people. It costs the Government billions and undermines Australia’s reputation as a country that respects international law.

  • Eight years of detention is too long. It’s time to call #GameOver. Thousands of refugees and asylum seekers have lost many precious years of their lives in detention while they could have been rebuilding their lives in safety and making significant contributions to the Australian community.

  • We have a solution at hand. Australia must accept New Zealand’s long-standing offer, sooner rather than later. It will save thousands of lives and billions of taxpayers’ dollars.

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